Germany 1789 - Interactive • English Version

40 maps show Germany and its territories within the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation at the end of the 18th century. Additionally there are direct links to the Wikipedia articles.
Ideal for teaching, genealogy and all people interested in history.

The graphical quality of the pdf-version is significantly higher than on the website pages.

All 40 maps and a legend as pdf-file - zooming up to 400%
printable up to A3-format

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More excellent historical maps at euratlas

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Euratlas Periodis Expert
Historical Atlas of Europe
English Version
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  • Europe from the year 1 to 2000
  • one map for the end of each century
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Euratlas Periodis Expert
Geschichtsatlas von Europa
Deutsche Version

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The Meyer Handy Atlas 1892
by Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts, Leipzig und Wien
in German with map titles in German, English and French
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Meyer Atlas

The Asian Turkey map (Asiatische Türkei) 1872
by Johann Samuel Heinrich Kiepert
in German only
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Asian Turkey

Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age version 0.8

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  • A selection of world political and historical maps from 1789, and occasionally from earlier dates, to the present day organized by region and dates. Most of the maps are in Spanish

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  • Post-roads in Europe 1781

  • European Turkey and Greece

  • Historical Vector Maps of Europe

  • Physical Vector Map of Europe

  • Ancient Rome Vector Map - Roma Antiqua

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